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Rewriting the future of e-commerce on blockchain

With Brick and Mortar Retail dying out “Take a look around the town” you’ll soon realise E-Commerce is becoming more and more attractive to retailers every day. The problem now is «Like the Greedy Landlord» the online E-Commerce providers “Ebay, Shopify and Amazon to name a few are also getting greedy. This is where Aussie Digital shines above the rest. The Aussie Digital Project has been designed to help, not hinder the growth of small to medium businesses online.

The Aussie Digital Ecosystem is based around a Digital Token. The Ecosystem includes an Amazon like store builder packed with powerful digital marketing tools and a B2B Trading Platform that integrates Social Media in unprecedented ways. Other services powered by blockchain technology have also been incorporated to speed up the flow of funds which in turn keeps costs down for the Retailer and Shopper alike.

The Aussie Digital Team and its Advisors come from a variety of different sectors including Importation, Exporting, Business Strategy, Business Development, Business Marketing, Business Banking, Digital Marketing, Social Media,TV Production, Interactive Design, HR Training, Trading Stocks & Currencies, Blockchain Analysts and Cryptocurrency experts.

They are a diverse group of like-minded people with different backgrounds, different educations and different cultures. All with the same goal.

The interface has been designed to be very user friendly with quick access functions. This will make it standout from all other cryptocurrency exchanges for its shear usability and functionality.

Through our exchange you’ll have the ability to exchange our coins and many other reputable coins. We like to refer to our exchange as the «Engine Room» as it plays a big part in our Ecommerce Platform and allows our retailers to accept any coin we have on the exchange.

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Retailers will have the ability to automatically convert their sale to their chosen currency in real time which takes out some of the worry caused through volatility and freeing up their time, so they can concentrate on business.

As part of our ecosystem we have begun creating an Amazon/ eBay style ecommerce platform that will take Crypto and standard (fiat) currency. Its designed to help small business and new business set up quickly and at minimal cost. Like any online enterprise, you need to promote, so we’ve loaded it full of features to help with your SEO and added a very generous and unique rewards program.

TRADEZY clients will have access to the (B2B) Trading platform making wholesale products cost effective , user friendly and search engine smart. This will change the way people shop and small business does business forever.

TRADEZY will offer a generous rewards program to help promote its e-tail community. This program will be done at no expense to the e-tailer and offer great incentives to the shopper. The more you shop the more you earn. Shopper rewards will be paid in AUDcoin to introduce newcomers to this new way of shopping which can be redeemed at the shoppers’ leisure.

If you’re not seen, how can you sell? Our internal paid advertising is being created to connect Sellers and Buyers and vice versa.

You can Reach Thousands of qualified customers through personal email or our E-commerce and Social platforms. Advertise your business or single out a product you wish to push. Our aim here is to provide the most affordable, user friendly advertising so our valued customers can maximise their profits and get on with business.

This is a unique platform allowing ordinary people to form Buying Groups with other like-minded members to team up and buy products. This gives these Groups or Communities the power to Buy like the Big guys with direct access to high-quality manufacturers saving up to 50% on the usual cost of products.

The way we see it, large Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) is the major barrier to International trade. It’s the reason why small business is not competing on a level playing field. MOQ is an economic necessity for factories and consequently the barrier to entry for Small & Family Businesses.

There are so many ICOs out there and so many new coins all claiming to be the next globally accepted currency, out doing all Crypto and Fiat Currency. The fact is there is no use for most of these coins!

The goal is to build an ecosystem of supporting services that will accept our coins, allowing our users to pay for Goods and Services without leaving the platform.

We want these coins to keep circulating through the Ecosystem, slowly growing in value as more and more consumers discover the advantages our Coins have to offer. With the added advantage of lower platform fees, we think this is more than achievable.

With all our services accepting the coins and a philosophy of keeping it simple “to improve new user uptake» we have a real chance of making a big impact on how people view Cryptocurrency. This is why we say our coins will have REAL value and with the support of our Community will continue to gain value.

Aussie Digital

О проекте Aussie Digital

The problem is that now like the Greedy Landlord the E-Commerce providers “Ebay, Shopify, Amazon to name a few are also getting greedy. This is where Aussie Digital shines above the rest. Aussie Digitals “Tradezy” has been designed to help, not hinder the growth of small to medium business online. With Zero to low fees and unique low cost advertising which is fare to all users, the Aussie Digital Ecosystem can provide a place where these businesses can thrive.

The addition of Crypto Payments opens these Businesses up to a new market which they may not have been able to reach in the past. Uses of the will have access to the supply chain from start to finish allowing all their business to be done in one place rather than having to rely on a host of different methods and payments.

Aussie Digital Roadmap

2020-1 st Quarter

2020-1 st Quarter

2020 — 1st Quarter

2020 — 4th Quarter

2020 — 2nd Quarter

2020 — 2nd Quarter

2020 — 4th Quarter

2020 — 1st Quarter


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Aussie Digital (AUDC) информация, котировки и графики

Подписаться на AUDCAD Подписан на AUDCAD Отписаться от AUDCAD

AUDCAD График Форекс

Вся торговая идея описана на графике

График AUDCAD W. Цена находится в нисходящем канале. Недельная дивергенция. Идея на пробой верхней границы нисходящего канала. Ожидаемый ход цены — лонг.

#3VF AUDCAD Buy limit 0.8730 Объем 3.0 SL 0.8583 TP1 0.9050 TP2 0.9355 TP3 0.9556 Target 0.9700

продажа по образованию экстремума + возможный ложный пробой

Минимум закрылся ниже предыдущего, цена явно в нисходящем тренде. Средние указывают на медвежий настрой рынка, цена остановилась у круглого уровня. 4х часовой тренд не обновил максимум, следовательно он завешен, так как идет давление общего тренда. Вошел я в сделку с соотношением 1 к 3 с текущих цен.

AUD CAD (покупка) 0.8929

2/3 позиции закрыто, остальная часть в работе на 2-3 недели. Закрытие позиции произойдёт при противоположном сигнале: пробое двадцатидневного канала и закрытия свечи внутри него.

Свеча пробила 20-ти дневный канал тенью и закрылась в нём, создав сигнал на продажу. SL: 48.9пп Цель 1: 0.906


График AUDCAD D. Цена тестирует зону сопротивления, присутствует вероятность отбоя. На более мелких ТФ ждем подтверждения — паттерны для продажи (клин, флаг и т.п.) или пробоя коррекционной TL с закреплением. Ожидаемый ход цены — шорт.

Продажа от 0.9114, стоп на уровне 0.9141, цель 0.8970, после 08.01.2020 20:00МСК перевод в безубыток.

На откате берем вниз

Рассмотрим пару AUDCAD. Цена находится в широкой коррекции Н4 таймфрейма, в рамках которой можно рассмотреть сигналы. Пара сформировала локальную поддержку 0.9030 на Н1 таймфрейме, пробой которой будет сигналом для продажи. Цель продаж в этом случае будет в районе уровня 0.8920. К данной цели возникнет препятствие в районе уровня 0.8985, если медведи смогут его.

Коррекция, после которой уверенный ЛОНГ

FX:AUDCAD покупка по текущим значениям.

AUDCAD Buy 0.8987 Объем 2.2 SL 0.8940 TP1 0.9037 Target 0.9100



AUD CAD (Австралийский доллар/ Канадский доллар)

Австралийский доллар и Канадский доллар. Обе эти валюты относятся к сырьевым валютам. Эта валютная пара считается довольно стабильной. Экономика Канады тесно связана с экономикой США т.к. она является крупнейшим торговым партнёром и соседом. А на Австралийский доллар влияет согласование Австралии с развивающимися рынками Азии.

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